Los Angeles Home Protection & Security

You can easily minimize the risk of being burglarized at a relatively small cost. Home security is the best and the least expensive insurance for you and your entire


There are many simple ways to help burglar-proof your home.


Start by checking the landscaping surrounding your home.


so it never blocks the view to or from any door or window. it will give you, your neighbors and patrolling police a view of trespassers and deny an intruder a place to hide.


near your house so a limb doesn't provide easy access to a second story window.


so it gives your home that "lived in look.

Exterior Door-

? KNOW WHO'S THERE before opening your door. A wide angle door viewer enables you to identify the visitor. You can see him, but he can't see you.

? If your door has a mail slot, an INTERIOR HOOD will prevent anyone from looking through it into your house -- but will not interfere with mail deposits.

? The metal plate attached to your door frame or jam for the purpose of receiving the latch or bolt is called a "strike."Make certain that strikes on all

exterior doors are solidly in place.

? WOODEN DOORS are either solid throughout or have a hollow center. All exterior wooden doors should be of solid construction for greater security.

? OUTSIDE HINGE PINS can make a good lock useless. An intruder could enter by removing these pins. To prevent this, replace hinges with new ones with non-removable pins.

Door Locks

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It's useless to spend good money on inferior locks. They can be quickly opened by a novice burglar using simple tools. A properly constructed lock will be a "pin tumbler" lock and have at least 5 pins within its mechanism.Every exterior door should have a deadbolt lock. ALL DEAD BOLTS should have:

? A bolt which extends at least 1 inch when in the locked position;

? A cylinder guard ring of hardened steel; and

? A hardened steel insert or bearing in the bolt to preventsawing of the extended bolt.

Sliding Glass Doors

? A sliding glass door can be secured so it can't be opened or lifted out of its track even when the lock has been removed or broken.

? DRILL AT LEAST A 1/4-INCHDIAMETER HOLE (from the inside) that angles downward through the TOP CHANNEL and continues into the TOP portion of the sliding door

FRAME when closed. By placing a solid metal pin or bolt into the hole, the door will be held securely in place. When not in use, the pin can be attached to a cord or light chainand dropped through a screweye adjoining the door.

Keep trees & bushes trimmed back so that they cannot provide concealment or access into your home.

? ADDED SECURITY is provided by screwing two or three No.8 or No.10 sheet metal screws into the track above the sliding door. The screws should protrude so the top of the closing door just clears them. This will prevent the door from being lifted out of the lower track.


wooden dowel or metal rod, when placed in the lower track, will prevent a sliding door from opening. Make certain it fits snugly into the track when the door is closed.

? INEXPENSIVE "PIN-TYPE" LOCKS may be purchased

and easily installed to prevent the operation of sliding glass doors.

Sliding Glass Windows

? Secure by the same methods suggested for sliding glass doors.

Double Hung Sash-be


These windows are usually found in older homes and apartments.


drill a hole that angles slightly downward through a TOP CORNER of the bottom window into the BOTTOM of the top window. Then place a solid pin or nail into the hole to prevent the window from being opened.

? KEYED LATCHES may be purchased to lock sash windows.

Louvre Windows

These windows are difficult to burglar-proof as the individual panes of glass can easily be removed.

? APPLICATION OF A TWO PART EPOXY RESIN to each panel of glass will prevent easy removal.

? USE OF GRILLES OR GRATES are recommended for louver windows. If installed

in bedrooms, be sure they are designed to open from the inside, otherwise they can bar escape in the event of a fire.

Casement Windows (Crank TYPE)

These windows are the easiest to secure.

? Make certain the locking latch works properly and the crank which opens and closes the window has no excessive play.

? REPLACE any worn hardware.

Miscellaneous Openings

Do not overlook ventilation openings, crawl holes that permit access under your home or small, swinging doors used by your pets.

Burglars prefer darkness. Keep your home well lighted -- inside and out ? at night. Don't leave lights burning during the day.

Grilles, heavy screening or locks will deter entry through these points.


Intruders prefer darkness. The rear, side and front areas of your home should be well lighted.


just below the edge or eaves of the roof. Keep tools locked away when you're not using them or someone else will -- to break into your home.

? WIRE COVERINGS will protect against intentional bulb breakage.


CELL to automatically turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

Gates And Fences

SOLIDLY BUILT GATES and properly built fences are your first line of defense against illegal or unwanted entry. Equip all gates with good locks and use them.


All garages should be kept closed and locked. Most contain not only valuables you want to protect, but tools that can be used by a burglar to break into your house.

? HARDENED STEEL HASPS AND PADLOCKS are recommended sides of a lifting garage door.

? INSTALL DEADBOLT LOCKS on walk-through doors.

? IF YOU USE GARAGE WINDOWS for ventilation, install the same security items as recommended for the windows in your home. If garage windows are kept shut, use nails or screws to keep them permanently closed.

Storage Lockers

Many apartment houses provide storage lockers for tenants. They are generally located in carports or areas accessible to thieves.

? IF THE LOCKER HAS EXPOSED HINGES, install oneway, non-removable screws or install interior hinges.

? CHECK STORAGE LOCKER DOORS AND HASPS for proper closure. A loose hasp could allow someone to reach in and pull out valuable items.


Padlocks are typically used for garages, sheds and workshops. The most common assaults on padlocks are made with bolt-cutters or pry bars. Quality padlocks have the following:


? A HARDENED STEEL SHACKLE with a minimum diameter of 9/32 inch;

? A DOUBLE LOCKING BOLT providing "heel and toe" locking;

? AT LEAST 5 PIN TUMBLERS in the cylinder; and

? A KEY-RETAINING FEATURE preventing removal of the key until the padlock is locked.Thus a padlock cannot be removed and returned after a key has been made by an unauthorizedperson.

Security Inside Your Home


with a solid core door and non removable hinge pins, and in-

Mark your appliances and other valuables by engraving them with your driver's license number. stall a deadbolt lock for high security. Use it for storing your most valuable possessions such as furs and firearms.

? Avoid keeping money, important papers and jewelry not often worn in your house, especially when you're not.


Property Identification

It is strongly recommended that you mark your valuables. Stolen property recovered by the police can't be returned unless the rightful owner can be identified. Markingyour valuables is also a strong deterrent -- burglars do not like to steal things that they can't get rid of easily.

? MAINTAIN AN UP-TO-DATE RECORD of the serial numbers of all appliances, tools, radio and TV sets, firearms and all other valuables. Keep these records in a safe

deposit box.

? KEEP A DETAILED AND ACCURATE DESCRIPTION of all valuables which do not have serial numbers. Photograph if possible, having your driver's license visible in the picture.


with your driver's license number. You can usually borrow an engraving tool from your local police department.

? REPORT STOLEN OR LOST ITEMS to the police as soon as possible.

For More Information

For more information on home security precautions and general crime prevention, contact the crime prevention officer at yourlocal police or sheriff's department.

For specific information on home or office security systems and/or protection services, see the last section of this booklet or call Los Angeles Home Security  at 1-800-654-7797. There is a Armguard  branch office near

Crime is not inevitable, and we as individuals can have an impact on crime by getting involved with our neighbors and organizing a Neighborhood

Watch group. The A burglary occurs once every ten seconds. But, individuals can have an impact on crime by getting involved with their neighbors and making crime prevention everyone's business. process is simple. Here are some tips on organizing your own Neighborhood

Watch group.

? Contact your local police department and talk to their crime prevention officer about organizing a Neighborhood Watch group. This officer will help you get organized and attend your first meeting.

? Talk to your neighbors and tell them that you are starting a Neighborhood Watch group and that you need their participation.

? Enlist the help of another neighbor to assist you. Introduce yourselves by going door-to-door.

? Ask your neighbors which evenings and times during the week are the best for them to meet. Generally, neighborhood meetings are conducted at 7:00 or 7:30 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays.

? Also discuss the most convenient and available place to hold the meetings. Ask your neighbors if they would like to offer their home as a meeting site. Other meeting locations may be a centrally located church, synagogue, school or meeting hall.

? Exchange phone numbers. Tell your neighbors that you will notify them when a meeting is scheduled.

? Take this opportunity to become acquainted on a first name basis. This is important for a successful Neighborhood Watch program.

? Contact your crime prevention officer to schedule the time and date of your first meeting. He or she will help you get the word out and encourage people to attend.


Your crime prevention officer will help you get organized.

? Remind everyone a few days before the meeting, either by phone or in person, to insure a good turnout.

? Become familiar with your neighbors' routines.

? Look after your neighbors' homes when they are away and ask them to look after yours.

Help make your community a safer place for everyone.

? Keep a trusted neighbor informed if your house will be unoccupied for an extended period of time.

? Post Neighborhood Watch signs on your street and in windows. Advertise the fact that yours is a Neighborhood Watch community.

For More Information

The crime prevention officer or community relations officer at your local police or sheriff's department can help you with Neighborhood Watch and other crime prevention issues. Your local Los Angeles Security branch office is also available to speak to groups on neighborhood security and help you set up a Neighborhood Watch group



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