Every person should take safety

precautions to avoid becoming the

victim of crime, assault or rape.

Here are some tips to help assure

your own personal safety. Above

all else, remember that common

sense is your best defense.

When You're Outside

home security. Here are the


? Install effective locks on all

doors and windows -- and use


? Install a peephole viewer in

your door. Never open your

door without knowing who is

on the other side.

Car Safety

? Always lock car doors after

entering or leaving your car.

? Park in well-lighted areas.

? Have your car keys in your

hand so that you don't have to

linger before entering your

car. Keys can also serve as a

possible weapon against an attacker.

? Check the back seat before

entering your car.

? If you think you are being followed,

drive to a public place

or a police station.

? If your car breaks down, open

the hood and attach a white

cloth to the car antenna. If

someone stops to help, stay

in your locked car (windows

up) and ask them to call the

police or a garage.

The Facts about Rape and

Personal Assault

Rape is a violent crime -- a violent

attack -- an attempt to hurt and

humiliate. It is NOT the result of

"uncontrolled passions."

Rape can happen to anyone.

Children, grandmothers, students,

working women, wives, mothers

and even males are the victims of


Rape can occur anywhere and at

anytime; in public or in your own

home, day or night.

Rapists are not necessarily

strangers. In fact, in over onethird

of reported cases, the rapist

Be alert to your surroundings and

the people around you -- especially

if you are alone or it is dark.

? Whenever possible, travel with

a friend.

? Stay in well-lighted areas as

much as possible.

? Walk confidently, directly and

at a steady pace. An attacker

looks for someone who appears


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? Walk on the side of the street

facing traffic.

? Walk close to the curb. Avoid

doorways, bushes and alleys

where an attacker can hide.

? If you think you are being followed,

walk quickly to areas

where there are lights and

people. If a car appears to be

following you, turn and walk in

the opposite direction, or walk

on the other side of the street.

? If in danger -- scream or run,

yell fire or make a loud noise

to attract attention.

At Home

Many personal assaults occur in or

near the victim's home. One of the

best ways to prevent this happening

to you is to practice good

Don't take chances when you're

alone, whether home or away. Be

confident, yet cautious and sensible.

? Require salespersons or

repairmen to show identification.

? If strangers telephone or

come to your door, don't

admit that you are alone.

? Women should have their

name listed in the phone directory

with their first initial and

last name only.

? If you live in an apartment,

avoid being in the laundry

room or garage by yourself,

especially at night.

? If you come home and find a

door or window open or signs

of forced entry, don't go in.

Go to the nearest phone and

call the police.

is an acquaintance, neighbor,

friend or relative of the victim.

Rape Prevention lips

? Know the facts about rape.

Become aware of locations

and situations where rape

might occur and avoid them.

? Consider your alternatives if

confronted by a rapist. Practice

possible responses so

that you can recall them even

under the stress of a real encounter.

If You Are Attacked

? Remember your main concern

must always be your safety.

No one can tell you whether

you should fight back, submit

or resist. It depends on you

and the situation.

If something ever does happen,

remember: There are people to

help you. Don't be afraid to ask.

? Your best defense is to be

prepared -- know your options

ahead of time.

? Stay cool and calm so that

you can think. Your safety

depends upon your ability to

use common sense.

If You Are A Victim Of Rape

? Get help quickly. Call the

police, sheriff, a rape crisis

Personal Protection

center, doctor, friend or relative.

? Do not wash, douche, change

clothes or clean up in any way

until after talking to the police

and going to the hospital.

You could destroy valuable


? Remember you are the victim.

You have nothing to feel guilty

or ashamed about.

Regarding Weapons

? Carrying weapons for selfdefense

is controversial and

sometimes illegal.

? Be safe -- contact your local

law enforcement agency for

more information before you

make a decision to carry a


For More Information or a

Local Rape Crisis Center

Here is a list of rape hotline phone

numbers in California. Additional

locations can be found in your

local telephone directory or by

calling information.


East L.A. Rape Hotline/Avance

Human Services

1-800-282-6231 (English &


L.A. Commission on Assaults

Against Women/L.A. Rape Crisis



(L.A. & San Fernando Valley)

Rape Res.ponse Hotline

(213)855-3506 (Los Angeles Area)

Santa Monica Rape Treatment



Lone Beach Rare Hotline


South Bay Rape Hotline


(Harbor and Beach cities)

Pacific Asian Rape Hotline

(213)653-4042 or (213)653-4045

(Asian Multilingual; L.A. Area)

Pasadena YWCA Rape Hotline

(818)793-3385 (Pasadena & San

Gabriel Valley)

Project Sister Rape Hotline

(714)626-HELP (Pomona/Claremont/

San Gabriel Valley)


CSPNictim Witness -- Sexual Assualt



O.C. Sexual Assault Network

(714)831-9110 or (714)836-7400



Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center


San Bernardino Rape Crisis Center

(714)882-5291 or (800)222-7273


Center for Women's Studies and



Women's Resource Center

(619)757-3500(North S.D. County)


Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center