Total Connect

Honeywells award-winning Total Connect Remote

Services through Armguard Security can provide our

customers with exciting options for connectivity,

control and notification And, weve taken it to a new

level with Total Connect 2.0, which is packed

with exciting new options and features that

our customers love!


Web-Based Remote Control

E-Mail Notification

Remote Keypad

Video Services Including Standalone

Video and Notification


Total Connect 2.0

Honeywell's Total Connect has helped differentiate us

from other alarm companies in the area. It was easy to

integrate into our existing services and our clients

respond positively to its benefits, flexibility and how

simple it is to understand and operate. Because it

interfaces with the iPhone, iPad and other web-based

apps, it allows us to demo the system at the client's

location. Our clients have found this to be a tremendous

help in understanding its capabilities versus just talking

about the feature benefit scenario. It is truly a great

product to offer.

A Sadri, Operations Manager





How we Differentiate

We know informed clients are safer, more satisfied

customers who are more likely to find value in

their systems and maintain their accounts.

Honeywells Total Connect Remote Services let

our customers receive important alerts, view

live, streaming video, stay connected to their

homes and businesses and control their security

systems remotely on the same mobile devices

they use each and every day…whenever they

want, wherever they are.



Total Connect lets us keep our

customers in the know whether they rely

on mobile phones, traditional landlines or

VoIP. Think of it as future-proof!

Our customers can:

Control their security sytems via a

virtual keypad using any web browser

on their smartphone or compatible

mobile device

Receive important alerts via their iPhone®,

BlackBerry®, iPad™, Android™ and various

other wireless mobile devices

Award-Winning Solution!

Be notified of activity in various areas of their homes

or businesses

Utilize video services to view activity occurring around

the exterior or interior of their

iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. All other trademarks are property

of their respective owners.





E-Mail Notification

Personal reporting of system

events can be conducted via

e-mail to compatible mobile

wireless devices.

Video Notification

When adding cameras to the

system, a picture or series of

pictures can be sent to a

smartphone, cell phone or

e-mail address upon an alarm

or a pre-programmed event.

The user can also view live,

streaming video from a web

browser or mobile device.

Total Connect consumer site:

End-users can access their Total Connect

accounts at

Web-based Remote Control

Controlled via a keypad on any PC-based web browser

Provides the ultimate convenience, control and flexibility

since end-users can log in from any remote location



Mobile App-eal!

Total Connects remote keypad feature works just like

a security system keypad. With the tap of a finger, our

customers can control their security systems, receive

text messages and e-mail alerts and view live,

streaming video, event-driven video clips and pictures

of their homes and businesses remotely when using

their laptops, smartphones or compatible mobile

devices. They can even download free apps for their

RIMs BlackBerry, Android or Apple iPhone, iPad

and iPod touch !

Total Connect App is available for free download in Apple’s iTunes App

Store(SM). Total Connect subscribers can download the BlackBerry App for

free by logging on to their accounts. The Android App is available in

Android Market.

Total Connect really helps to

differentiate our business and

reduce attrition by giving us

the ability to offer more

services to our customers.

Offering Total Connect has

promoted positive

communication and

relationships with our

customers. It has helped to

make them raving fans!

With Total Connect we

can drive our brand

and our marketplace.”

Director of Sales

Easy to use

Audio verification

Real time visual status

Quick arming, disarming

and bypass

*iPod touch is a trademark of Apple Inc.


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Total Connect

Picture the Possibilities

Honeywell’s IP cameras install

easily with push-button enrollment.

There is no IP addressing or

firewall manipulation and no

security risk to customer networks.

Configuration is flexible, with no

service required for premise

router changes

• Our customers can view all

cameras on a single screen or one

at a time, selectively stream video,

pan and tilt, cover multiple angles

of a room or move cameras around

the premises based on need

Recording settings can be

customized based on security

events, video motion detection

or schedules

End-users can manage and view

multiple locations over a secure

network with one logingreat for

business owners or customers

with vacation homes and

investment properties


Focus on Opportunity

If our customers have a laptop, smartphone or any web-enabled device,

they've got everything they need to look in on their homes, families or

businesses wherever they are with Total Connect Video Services.

Our customers can record and store video clips, take snapshots, have

pictures e-mailed to them upon an eventeven view live, streaming video

on up to six cameras at a time!

Standalone Video

We can even offer a standalone video solution for customers who do not

want a security system—all you need are cameras, an Internet connection

and an AlarmNet account. It’s a great way to enhance end-user awareness

and peace of mind. Just picture what it can do for our business!

We have standardized on

Total Connect with all of our

residential installations. We have

built it into the package that we

offer to homeowners. Total

Connect and GSM radio have

really improved our business.

We don’t have to deal

with phone lines anymore

and it has increased our

It has been a home run for us.

Event-driven video

Video look-in





If our customers homes could talk, what would they say? Whether a door

has been opened, a valuable has been moved or a flood has been detected,

Total Connect can tell them! All they need are their laptops or smartphones

to stay in the know and stay in control. With Total Connect, if it's happening

in their home, it's happening on their phone.

Homeowners can:

Control their security systems remotely

Know exactly when their security system has been

armed or disarmed

See when someone exits or enters their home with video

• Find out when motion is sensed in outdoor areas like pools,

patios and driveways

Protect indoor valuables like flat screen televisions,

• Set up temporary codes for babysitters, housekeepers

and guests

Receive alerts for extreme temperatures, which can help

indicate a power failure or problems with furnaces or air


Schedule lights to come on at night or rotate indoor lights

to make homes appear occupied

Open garage doors for deliveries when away from home or

see when a delivery has arrived via video

heirlooms, antiques and paintings from theft by receiving an

alert when they have been moved or disturbed

• Instantly know if leaks or floods have been detected in

laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or basements


Whether our customers are looking to check up on the babysitter, check

in on elderly relatives, keep up with their kids or just keep them close,

Total Connect provides them with the ultimate peace of mind.

Family members can easily:

View live, streaming video of nurseries and play areas any

time of day to see how nannies or babysitters are

interacting with their children

Know if their children have arrived home safely from

schoolor if they haven’t

Know at a glance if a senior loved one has left the

premises, taken their medication by a specific time or

pressed a panic pendant to summon emergency help

Receive alerts if off-limits areas like medicine, liquor or gun

cabinets have been accessed

View live video of their pets any time of day or get a text

message, e-mail or video alert when the dog walker or pet

sitter arrives or if they didn’t show up

Keep track of their kids' busy schedules and know when

they come and go

Los Angeles





Just because our customers are out of the office doesn't mean they

have to be out of the loop. When they put Total Connect to work,

they’ll have the critical information they need to help manage their

business, their employees and even the unexpected.

Observe consumer shopping habits and activity

• Protect expensive merchandise, office equipment, electronics

and other indoor valuables by receiving an e-mail or video clip

when they have been moved or disturbed

• Find out what days are better for business by tracking exactly

when customers enter or exit their establishments

Manage high employee turnover by assigning and canceling

access codes in an instant


Wherever they are, business owners can:

Observe employee performance, productivity and behavior

• Know exactly what time their business opens in the morning

and closes at night

Supervise voids, resales and returns by monitoring cash

registers with live video or recorded snapshots

• Protect inventory, avoid disruption of business and create a

safer working environment by being alerted to floods and leaks

• Prevent food spoilage and protect inventory by knowing when

extreme hot or cold temperatures have been detected



Total Connect

Introducing Total Connect 2.0

Packed with dynamic graphics and exciting new

features, Honeywells Total Connect 2.0 enhances the

end-user experienceproviding our customers with

more convenience and control while reducing our

operational burden. It’s never been a better time to

connect to opportunity!

Interactive dashboard

Enhanced navigation

Flash-based graphics

Customizable look

Simplified setup

Flexible configuration

Optional branding



Account Setup

With Total Connect 2.0, our

customers can set up and manage

their accounts, control their

systems, add users, assign codes,

control cameras and more all on

their own with an easy-to-navigate

menu—making life easier for them

and for you!


Import full panel data

No relay configuration required

Per zone notification

Per user notification


Total Connect 2.0 SERVICES


Total Connect 2.0 features the easiest security system

interface for our customers yet! Intuitive prompts and

vivid graphic icons are easy to read, easy to understand

and make operation a snap. Everything end-users need

to control and manage their systems is viewable at a

glanceincluding the keypad, status and zones.

Icon-based functions

Easy to use

No training required

Real-time control


The multi-site feature lets our commercial and residential

customers view up to 100 multiple locations from one

convenient logingreat for franchise owners, real estate

investors, vacation home owners and more. The hierarchal

user structure lets the primary account holder add multiple

users and customize access and settings for each one

(e.g. employees, contractors, cleaning crews, babysitters,

rental agents, etc.).

User Management

User names

Assignable rights

Notification preferences

Multi-site access

Single log-in up to 100 sites

Graphics/photos to represent

individual locations

Hierarchical user structure


Total Connect 2.0 SERVICES



Energy Management

Z-Wave Energy Management is a great way to help our customers save money on their energy and utility bills, conserve

resources and live more comfortable, efficient lifestyles.



Lighting and Lock Control

Z-Wave Lighting and Lock Control lets our customers remotely monitor and control the locks to their homes or

businesses wherever they are.

Push Content

Push content can be a dynamic promotional toolletting you reach out to our

customers with messaging, advertising and specials as well as have the

personalized content they want delivered right to their mobile phones.

Custom Messaging Forecasts Alarm Event Scheduling





2.0 Mobile

Smartphones now feature modern graphics,

intuitive screens and a next-generation

look and feel to simplify and enhance

the end-user experience.




• Vehicle Tracking

Asset Tracking


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