The most advanced LYNX Touch Pad Security System Now Direct to You!  

Call 1-800-654-7797 or 1-866-21-ALARM for your Los Angeles Home or Business                                       

 FREE INSTALLATION of 3 Door Sensors, Motion Detector, Remote Key Chain & More! All you pay is $35 a month for UL 24/7 Monitoring!

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Whole House Business Protection: With our wireless security products which are an excellent compliment to our security touch pad...providing you with a higher level of convenience, peace of mind and the whole protection you deserve. Their rock solid stability and long battery life make them a popular choice among Los Angeles homeowners with millions installed worldwide. These security products help our installation of the security system obstacles like brick walls, cement floors, glass homes and cathedral ceilings, resulting in faster, cleaner professional alarm system installations and preserving the beauty of your unique Los Angeles home while protecting your family and your home.